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Replacement of Front Collector Box Cover on Some 92% Goodman Brand Furnaces

Replacement of Front Collector Box Cover on Some 92% Goodman Brand Furnaces

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SF-060 regarding incorrect front collector box covers being used on some some AMSS920803BNAA, DM92SS0803BNAA and GMSS920803BNAA model furnaces with serial numbers 1501360901 and prior.

From Goodman:

The suspect front collector box covers have an undersized orifice, which could cause poor combustion quality. This information pertains only to the specific models listed in this bulletin. We are asking customers check their inventory of these model furnaces and hold any affected furnaces until they are repaired.

All AMSS920803BNAA DM92SS0803BNAA and GMSS920803BNAA model furnaces with serial numbers of 1501360901 and prior that have been reworked at the Goodman factory and shipped can be identified by Green dot on the unit traveler label and will not require rework in the field. All above listed units with serial numbers of 1501360902 and later have the correct collector box cover from manufacturing and not affected. If you need a list of serial numbers shipped to your location including registered units, contact for this report.  A service kit (Part # FCSS92803K) has been created for the purpose of repairing these furnaces. This kit contains the correct collector box cover (Part # 0161F00016) with pre-applied gasket as well as a new inducer gasket, spare screws and an instruction sheet.

For products in customer inventory, Goodman will pay $40 to replace the front collector box cover and for installed units we will pay Class A labor. For all units installed after March 1, 2015, it is expected these units should be repaired prior to installation, so Class A labor will not be paid for installed units with an install date of March 1, 2015 or later.

Claims must be filed on Warranty Express using Authorization Code number 8715. The homeowner information including phone number must be included for all claims being submitted for installed furnaces.

The claim will be paid upon review by Goodman’s Warranty Department. Warranty Claims will be approved  for equipment that is still covered under the terms of Standard Warranty.

Claims must be submitted by December 31, 2015. Please consult HVAC Distributors’ Warranty Department if you need assistance with this process.

HVAC Distributors is taking steps to correct all units currently in our inventory.  This factory error will not apply to any future sales.