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Reznor Makes Upgrades To Unit Heater Line

Reznor Makes Upgrades To Unit Heater Line

by HVAC Distributors

Reznor has recently made some upgrades to its unit heater line.  The changes relate to improved service features and aesthetics and include the following:

  • Hinged service door with quarter turn latch- Door attached to the chassis to prevent door drops
  • External status indicating LED blinks if there is a problem that needs service
  • 7-segment display board shows fault code for quick and easy diagnoses
  • Two-tone black and white powder coat, scratch-resistant paint scheme
  • Clean metal panels without any visible screws or fasteners
  • Tooled rounded vertical corners (30-125 MBH) and edges
  • Reznor embossed on bottom of premium models

Performance data such as MBH, CFM and efficiency values have not changed.

Updated Model Numbers

Due to these changes, Reznor has elected to update its Model Numbers as shown in this chart:

Unit Heater TypeLegacy ModelNew Model
Prop Fan, Power VentUDAPUDX
Prop Fan, Separated CombustionUDASUDZ
High Efficiency, Separated CombustionUDASUEZ
Centrifugal Fan, Power VentUDBPUBX
Centrifugal Fan, Separated CombustionUDBSUBZ

The remainder of the model nomenclature (option codes) and accessory part numbers remain the same for the new product as they were for the legacy product lines.

Revised Literature

The Reznor website has been updated to reflect the new model numbers and current literature is now available.


Production on the legacy models has been suspended and orders for the new models are now being accepted with 1st shipments expected to exit the factory in Mid-May.  Legacy Reznor unit heaters are currently available at any of our HVAC Distributors locations and can be ordered by phone or through Web Order Entry.