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Rinnai Introduces New RE Series Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai Introduces New RE Series Tankless Water Heater

by HVAC Distributors

Rinnai is introducing the new RE Series non-condensing tankless water heater to replace the RL Series and some of the V Series.

What’s Changing:

RE Series

  • Line has been completely revamped to reflect the heating capacity right in the model number.
  • Production has moved from Japan to their new Atlanta, Georgia facility.
  • The spread in sizing is clearer, modeled on the very successful RU Series.
  • Added 140 MBH size for multi-family housing projects.
  • Can be mounted without requiring the wall mount bracket.
  • The warranty is improved to 15 years on the heat exchanger.
    • Still 5 years on the rest of the parts.
    • Still 1 year on the labor, and if registered within 90 days of installation, becomes 5
      years at no extra charge.
  • Smaller, with the same heating capacity
    • Now just 14” wide by 10-3/4” deep by 22-7/8” tall.

What’s Staying the Same:

  • Same proven Rinnai concentric venting.
    • Designed for the higher temp exhaust of a non-condensing heater.
    • Allows the use of only one wall penetration for a faster, more efficient install.
  • Still mobile home certified.
  • Same Rinnai quality and reliability.

Rinnai RE Series Transition

Input MBHFuelPrevious Model #New Model #
180NGRL75i-NG, V75I-NGRE180i-NG

Rinnai is doing a ship-to-completion transition from the old to the new.  This means they will ship the RL Series and V Series until they run out, then they’ll start shipping the RE.

For more information, visit Rinnai’s web site.