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Rinnai Introduces New REP Series Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai Introduces New REP Series Tankless Water Heater

by HVAC Distributors

Rinnai is introducing the new REP Series non-condensing recirculating tankless water heater.  This adds a non-condensing version of the popular condensing recirculating tankless unit, the RUR (which is transitioning to the RSC).  It has the same recirc self-programming function as the new condensing recirc model, the RSC.


REP Series

  • Produced in Rinnai’s Atlanta, Georgia facility.
  • Same proven Rinnai concentric venting.
    • Designed for the higher temp exhaust of a non-condensing heater.
    • Allows the use of only one wall penetration for a faster, more efficient install.
  • It has Smart-Circ™ intelligent recirculation, where it monitors user patterns, and self-programs to match.
    • This eliminates the need for the installer to program the timing.
    • No more need to add an external timer, so faster and less expensive installation.
  • It can function with either a dedicated recirc line, OR (with the optional crossover valve) with the existing plumbing supply
    lines, eliminating the need in a retrofit to run a dedicated recirc line.
  • It is very compact to fit in small spaces. Only 14” wide by 22-7/8” high by 10-3/4” deep.
  • Great Warranty:
    • 15 years on heat exchanger
    • 5 years on rest of the parts
    • 1 year on labor, and if registered within 90 days of installation, becomes 5 years at no extra charge.
  • Includes isolation valves and mounting bracket.
  • Mobile home certified.

Rinnai REP Series

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