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Spring Into Action with Nu-Calgon Coil Cleaners

Spring is here! As the weather warms and homeowners begin to turn their cooling systems on, it's the perfect time to give them some "TLC" with Nu-Calgon coil cleaning products. The coil, a vital component responsible for heat exchange, can... Read More

Warranty Process for Aspen Coils

[caption id="attachment_3808" align="alignleft" width="262"] Aspen Tag Sample[/caption] When submitting a warranty request involving an Aspen coil, you must return the silver-gray Mylar tag on the coil that contains the Model & Serial Number of the coil. Photocopies are not accepted... Read More

Oil in Basepans, on Coils, or on Shipping Boxes of Products

Goodman recently released Service Bulletin SA-027. From Goodman: Occasionally we receive reports of oil in the basepan, on the coil or on the shipping box as products are being installed. Due to the variability of manufacturing processes used to produce coil fins... Read More

Goodman Manufacturing Introduces U.S. Alumacoil as Coil and Air Handler Manufacturer

Goodman Manufacturing issued Product Marketing News (PMN) C-GN-OT-972 announcing that safety and rating plates on common coils and air handlers will list U.S. Alumacoil™ as the manufacturer, starting with units produced August 2015. U.S. Alumacoil is a registered business name (D/B/A) for Goodman Manufacturing... Read More

Aluminum Coil Cleaning Best Practices

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SA-026 to address inquiries related to recommended cleaning practice for aluminum evaporator coils. Best cleaning practice is to simply flush the coil with water. Alternately, you can use an approved, non-chlorine cleaner (such as Nu-Calgon - EVAP-Green -... Read More

E-Coated Air Coils

ClimateMaster has issued technical service bulletin TBJ017 related to all water to air units with E-Coated (black) refrigerant air coils. From ClimateMaster: PRODUCT: All water to air units with E-Coated (black) refrigerant air coils AFFECTED RANGE: All units with E-Coated air coils. ISSUE:... Read More