Warranty Process for Aspen Coils

Warranty Process for Aspen Coils

by HVAC Distributors
Aspen Coils Warranty tag

Aspen Tag Sample

When submitting a warranty request involving an Aspen coil, you must return the silver-gray Mylar tag on the coil that contains the Model & Serial Number of the coil. Photocopies are not accepted — only the original tag.

To ensure that your warranty is processed quickly (for Aspen coils purchased through HVAC Distributors), please make sure the original tag is returned with your warranty claim. The tag is located on the door panel of the coil cabinet.

If you have questions about a current claim, feel free to reach out to HVAC Distributors’ Warranty Department at

For all warranty claim procedures or to submit a claim, visit the Warranty Page on our website.