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Tag: Nu-Calgon

Spring Into Action with Nu-Calgon Coil Cleaners

Spring is here! As the weather warms and homeowners begin to turn their cooling systems on, it's the perfect time to give them some "TLC" with Nu-Calgon coil cleaning products. The coil, a vital component responsible for heat exchange, can... Read More

Nu-Calgon University Now NATE Certified

You can now earn NATE credits by attending any virtual training session in Nu-Calgon University.  Getting credit easy: Complete any Nu-Calgon University course Download a PDF of your  completion certificate Upload your certificate to the NATE website Reference the NATE... Read More

Nu-Calgon’s New Clean Connect System Saves Time & Money

Nu-Calgon has revised the packaging of its popular coil cleaning chemicals - Nu-Brite and Tri-Pow'r HD - to help you save space in your truck and minimize waste on the job. The new packaging - 4x - is a 4-times... Read More

Aluminum Coil Cleaning Best Practices

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SA-026 to address inquiries related to recommended cleaning practice for aluminum evaporator coils. Best cleaning practice is to simply flush the coil with water. Alternately, you can use an approved, non-chlorine cleaner (such as Nu-Calgon - EVAP-Green -... Read More