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Nu-Calgon’s New Clean Connect System Saves Time & Money

Nu-Calgon’s New Clean Connect System Saves Time & Money

by HVAC Distributors

Nu-Calgon has revised the packaging of its popular coil cleaning chemicals – Nu-Brite and Tri-Pow’r HD – to help you save space in your truck and minimize waste on the job.

The new packaging – 4x – is a 4-times concentrate of these cleaners. The packaging includes a spill-proof insert that, when used with the Clean Connect Sprayer, allows the cleaner to be combined with water in the required 4:1 dilution ratio without any effort on your part.

The entire system is easier to store on the truck, easier to carry to job sites, and simpler to set up than traditional cleaning systems.

See Nu-Calgon explain the new system in 90 seconds:

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The Clean Connect system and the 4X chemical concentrates are in-stock at HVAC Distributors. You can order online, or call or visit your local branch.