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Updated Daikin Efficiency Advisor 2.0

Updated Daikin Efficiency Advisor 2.0

by HVAC Distributors

Daikin has announced the launch of the completely redesigned Daikin Efficiency Advisor 2.0 that provides an enhanced appearance and user functionality and incorporates the benefits of inverter and heat pump technology over conventional systems. The updated version includes a visually refreshed, simplified, personalized consumer experience, providing system recommendations that highlight inverter and heat pump technology benefits, providing homeowners with the knowledge and confidence to choose their next home
comfort system.

From Daikin:

New features and benefits compared to previous version:

  • Simple, clean, modern design
  • Seamless, unified user experience with fewer clicks and inputs
  • Includes educational heat pump and inverter short videos
  • Provides system solutions including options like Daikin One smart thermostats and whole home air cleaner
  • Improved comparison reports
  • Available in web and mobile platforms
  • Includes Daikin One cloud services and field monitoring information
  • Simple results screens broken into several categories
  • As we create new educational pieces, designed for easy adoption and enhancements, they will be seamlessly added to the experience
  • Final step includes major improvement step compared to existing tool

Software Updates

Daikin Efficiency Advisor 2.0 is available on mobile devices as well as web platforms using your browser of choice.