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Amana 14 SEER Product Warranty Update

Amana 14 SEER Product Warranty Update

by HVAC Distributors

Amana has released PMN A-GN-OT-980 regarding warranty updates for the Amana 14 SEER product.

The notice states that 14 SEER AC and 14 SEER HP units produced after August 1, 2015, will have 10-year parts limited warranty (see for complete warranty details). Units produced prior to August 1 have limited lifetime unit replacement warranty.

The updated warranty applies to the following product families: ASX14 Air Conditioner, ANX14 Air Conditioner, ASZ14 Heat Pump, ANZ14 Heat Pump. Only units with serial numbers that start with “1508” or greater are affected by this announcement.

Options are available for the ASX14 and ASZ14 for the purchase of limited unit replacement coverage through Asure Extended Service plans for customers in the HVAC Distributors footprint.

So what do you do if you’re selling the 14 SEER system on the limited lifetime warranty? Read more for options.

  1. Amana’s ASX16 Air Conditioner and ASZ16 Heat Pump include limited lifetime warranty (see or speak to us for complete details) and can be configured as a 14 SEER up to a 16 SEER system, based on the indoor component used. You can adjust your proposals to showcase this product instead of the straight 14 SEER.
  2. You can add an extended service plan option of 99-year limited unit replacement to your ASX14 or ASZ14 purchase. Please note: this plan is not the same as the 99-year compressor extended service plan; the 99-year compressor extended service plan does not include unit replacement.

As our Partner for Success, our goal is to support you with your customers. If you want to continue to confidently offer homeowners the limited lifetime warranty option through this transition, we recommend using one of these strategies starting toward the end of July. While HVAC Distributors does currently have the limited lifetime unit 14 SEER product in-stock, we can’t guarantee when we will sell through our inventory.

If you prefer the 14 SEER product, you can also discuss buying bulk quantities of our in-stock product with your Account Manager to ensure that you have adequate stock through the transition.

Finally, to request updated literature for the 14 SEER families, or request the homeowner-facing sell sheets for the 16 SEER family, simply make your request through our Literature Request form. Please note: this service is for HVAC Distributors’ customers only and, because of the heavy demand for this literature, requests may have a 4 – 6 week lead time.