Daikin EMURA™ Now Available in Single Zone

Daikin EMURA™ Now Available in Single Zone

by HVAC Distributors

Daikin has introduced an updated version of the EMURA™ unit, which now works in both single-zone and multi-zone applications.  Daikin EMURA units, available in silver or matte white,  are designed to offer a sophisticated solutions for contemporary interiors and to satisfy the homeowner with a “Designer” sense of style.

What’s New:Emura

  • The new EMURA works with both single and multi-zone outdoor units.
  • There is a new model number to help differentiate between the old and the new. Example (9MBH unit in White):
    • Old (multi-zone only): CTXG09QVJUW
    • New (single or multi-zone): FTXR09TVJUW
  • For single-zone applications there is a new outdoor unit.
  • The optional Wi-Fi adaptor now installs inside the indoor unit so it is completely concealed.
  • The matching single-zone outdoor unit is new.
    See tables below for details.

What’s The Same:

  • The look is exactly the same, so mixing old and new units on a job is not a problem.
  • Indoor unit color selection (white or silver)
  • Available Sizes: 9MBH, 12MBH, and 18MBH
  • Available in Heat Pump Only
  • All the sensor capabilities are the same (see video).
  • Controls accessories are the same and it still includes a wireless remote in the box.

Old Emura Units

SizeColorProduct IDModel #Works with these outdoor units
9 MBHSilver457874CTXG09QVJUS
12 MBHWhite457875CTXG12QVJUW
12 MBHSilver457876CTXG12QVJUS
18 MBHWhite457879CTXG18QVJUW
18 MBHSilver457880CTXG18QVJUS

New Emura Units

SizeColorProduct IDModel #Works with these outdoor units
9 MBHWhite465417FTXR09TVJUWSingle Zone: RX09RMVJU9
Multi-Zone: MXS, MXL, RMXS
9 MBHSilver465418FTXR09TVJUS
12 MBHWhite465419FTXR12TVJUWSingle Zone: RX12RMVJU9
Multi-Zone: MXS, MXL, RMXS
12 MBHSilver465420FTXR12TVJUS
18 MBHWhite465421FTXR18TVJUWSingle Zone: RX18RMVJU9
Multi-Zone: MXS, MXL, RMXS
18 MBHSilver465422FTXR18TVJUS

Note: The new single-zone outdoor unit will NOT work with the old EMURA indoor unit.

Single-zone EMURA units are now available at any of our HVAC Distributors locations and can be ordered by phone or through Web Order Entry.