Daikin Introduces the MBVB and MBVK Modular Blowers

Daikin Introduces the MBVB and MBVK Modular Blowers

by HVAC Distributors

Daikin is introducing new variable-speed modular blowers to replace the MBVC blower.  In addition, new electric heat kits for the new blowers are also being rolled out.

The Need for New Models:

  • The current MBVC is not in compliance with UL Standard 60335 2-40, also known as UL2-40.
  • Current electric heat kits for the blowers don’t comply with UL2-40.
  • New models will help with confusion about when to use the “00” blowers and when to use the “01” blowers.

What’s Changing & What’s Staying the Same:

  • The new MBVB replaces the MBVC “01” models.
    • The old and new models both use the ComfortBridge control system.
    • Setup with the CoolCloud HVAC application will continue.
    • Download the CoolCloud HVAC application via Google Play or on the App store.
  • The new MBVK replaces the MBVC “00” models.
    • Both the old and the new models will work with the Amana S-Series and Goodman SD-Series system.
  • Physical sizing will continue to stay the same.
  • Performance and efficiency will not change.

New Modular Blowers MBVB and MBVK and Matching Electric Heat Kits

Keep in mind that due to new model numbers, models will require new AHRI rating numbers.

  • The new MBVB and MBVK blowers are UL2-40 compliant and require the new UL2-40 compliant heat kits.
  • The MBVC blower is non-UL2-40 compliant and requires either a non-UL2-40 heat kit or a TUTCO heat kit.


HVAC Distributors will continue to stock the old models, then transition to the new models when inventory is depleted.

Learn more about the new MBVB and the new MBVK modular blowers and what they have to offer. Contact your HVAC Distributors, Inc. Account Manager for more information.