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Daikin Introduces the MBVB and MBVK Modular Blowers

Daikin is introducing new variable-speed modular blowers to replace the MBVC blower.  In addition, new electric heat kits for the new blowers are also being rolled out. The Need for New Models: The current MBVC is not in compliance with... Read More

OTA Update for ComfortBridge™ Furnaces when Paired with 20 SEER Inverter AC’s or HP’s

Goodman has released Technical Services Bulletin SR-089 regarding an OTA (Over the Air) update for ComfortBridge™ furnaces when paired with 20 SEER inverter air conditioners or heat pumps. From Goodman: ComfortBridge control platform furnaces will have the new advanced feature... Read More

CoolCloud HVAC™ App Login When Out of Cellular/Wi-Fi Range

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-085 regarding using the CoolCloud HVAC™ app when you are out of cellular/Wi-Fi range. From Goodman: From time to time, technicians may lack the ability to login to the CoolCloud HVAC app preventing direct connectivity... Read More