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New Daikin Marketing Toolkit for 3D Contractors

New Daikin Marketing Toolkit for 3D Contractors

by HVAC Distributors

Daikin has announced the release of a new Marketing Toolkit for 3D contractors, promoting single and multi-zone systems. This Toolkit will help dealers easily locate and navigate through the marketing materials available from Daikin Marketing.

The Marketing Toolkit is a resource that will grow as needed and includes the following: Marketing Contacts, Literature, Promotional Items, Programs, Radio Commercials, TV Campaigns, Digital Campaigns, Billboards, Videos, Logos and Product Images, Product Launch Kits, and a list of preferred vendors.

The Marketing Toolkit can be accessed through PartnerLink.

Easy Access Steps:

  • Login to PartnerLink
  • Select “Partnerlink Business”
  • Under Dealer Tools, select “Daikin Dealer Toolkit”
  • Under Daikin Dealer Toolkit, select “Marketing Toolkit”
  • You are now in the Marketing Toolkit where you can easily navigate to the desired marketing information or materials.
New Daikin Marketing Toolkit for 3D Contractors

Daikin Marketing Toolkit Screenshot

This resource will be updated as new materials become available.  Contact with any questions on accessing this toolkit.