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OTA Update for ComfortBridge™ Furnaces when Paired with 20 SEER Inverter AC’s or HP’s

OTA Update for ComfortBridge™ Furnaces when Paired with 20 SEER Inverter AC’s or HP’s

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman has released Technical Services Bulletin SR-089 regarding an OTA (Over the Air) update for ComfortBridge™ furnaces when paired with 20 SEER inverter air conditioners or heat pumps.

From Goodman:

ComfortBridge control platform furnaces will have the new advanced feature menus for dehumidification when paired with the newly released Goodman™ and Amana™ 20 Seer Inverter outdoor products. These new advanced feature menus are built into the Inverter board
firmware and provide additional dehumidification adjustments in high humidity environments.

To take advantage of this new Inverter board firmware perform the OTA update using the CoolCloud™ HVAC App (available from Google Play or Apple App Store). This update is only recommended for inverter models listed in Table 1 when paired with a ComfortBridge furnace. Furnaces connected to 20 SEER Inverter outdoor products released prior to the revisions listed in Table 1 are not supported. Furnaces connected to non-inverter outdoor product, or not connected to any outdoor unit, may be updated optionally.

ComfortBridge™ OTA Update recommended models table

OTA Update:

Open the CoolCloud App. If the update is available, it will alert the user. This update will allow the ComfortBridge indoor product to see the new dehumidification profiles in the Inverter board firmware; allowing the advanced dehumidification feature menus to be utilized in the CoolCloud HVAC App.

The new advanced feature menus provide added trim options allowing adjustments in 5% increments instead of 3%. The new features also give the technician added dehumidification selections of Standard, Off, A, B, & C. These details are in Table 2.

ComfortBridge™ Furnaces OTA Update new advanced feature menusIf you have questions about this bulletin, HVAC Distributors customers can reach out to our Technical Support department at 800.228.4822 x5.