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Tag: Aurora

Daikin Aurora Series Single Zone SEER2 Update

Daikin is updating the Aurora Series Single Zone mini-split heat pump to meet SEER2 requirements. The new Aurora single zone systems consist of the same configurations for cold climate applications: Wall Mount Medium Static Concealed Mount (with optional zoning kit)... Read More

Daikin FDMQ, VISTA, and EMURA Single Zone Systems Update

Daikin is introducing new outdoor units for the FDMQ, Vista, and EMURA Single Zone heat pump systems, to conform to the new SEER2 requirements. The new outdoor units have a number of updates and upgrades, including: They now come with... Read More

New Larger Capacity Daikin AURORA Single-Zone Systems

Daikin has announced the launch of new, larger capacity AURORA single-zone systems. This launch includes 18,000 and 24,000 BTU wall mount systems and 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BTU systems using the existing FDMQ ducted concealed indoor unit. Daikin AURORA Systems... Read More