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Amana® S-Series and Goodman SD Software Update

On June 27, 2024, Daikin released Technical Service Bulletin C-GN-SP-0049 REV1 regarding a printed circuit boards (PCBs) software update for certain Amana® S-Series and Goodman SD heat pump outdoor models as identified in Table 1. As this bulletin has gone... Read More

Condensate Management Options for Amana/Goodman 90%+ AFUE Furnaces

Daikin has released Technical Service Bulletin TSB C-FN-0046 regarding condensate management for flue vents and intake piping on 90%+ AFUE condensing furnaces. From Daikin: For furnace installations with long runs of minimally sloped horizontal exhaust pipe, it is important to... Read More

AUX Contacts on Communicating Furnace PCBs

Daikin has released Technical Service Bulletin TSB D-PC-0040 related to AUX Contacts on Communicating Furnace PCBs. From Daikin: We are providing notification to service technicians regarding the AUX contacts on communicating furnace control boards when the system is wired with... Read More

UL2-40 Transition and Amana-Goodman Air Handlers

The UL standard governing electric heat kits in air handlers are changing on January 1, 2024. This will cause a change to the equipment and to the electric heat kits. The new standard is UL Standard 60335 2-40 (short name... Read More

Incorrect Primary Limit Switch in Daikin Light Commercial Rooftops (DFG)

Daikin has released Technical Service Bulletin TSB-D-GN-LC-0030 related to primary limit switched in Daikin light commercial rooftops. From Daikin: It has come to our attention that certain commercial package rooftop models were produced with incorrect primary limit switches. A list... Read More

Extended Hours for Amana/Goodman/Daikin Technical Support Center

Daikin has announced that their Technical Support Center (TSC) will initiate extended operating hours to better serve customers in a two-phase implementation.  The first phase will begin Thursday, June 1, 2023. The second phase will begin September 1, 2023. Please... Read More

Revision – Light Commercial RTU DBG/C 7.5- to 12.5-Ton Condensate Management

The Daikin Technical Services department has released the bulletin TSB D-GN-LC-0025: Revised - Light Commercial RTU DBG/C 7.5- to 12.5-Ton Condensate Management From Daikin: It has come to our attention some 7.5- to 12.5-ton air conditioners (DBC) and gas/electric (DBG)... Read More

AprilAire 800 Series Steam Humidifier Electrode Wire Replacement Product Safety Notice

Aprilaire has released this product safety Notice regarding AprilAire 800 Series Steam Humidifiers. From Aprilaire: We have recently become aware of a potential safety issue if maintenance instructions are not followed on AprilAire 800 Series Steam Humidifiers. To properly maintain... Read More

Bluetooth® Not Available on Certain AVPTC Air Handlers

Goodman has released Service Bulletin G-GN-OT-2292 in reference to Bluetooth® functionality on select AVPTC Air Handlers. From Goodman: Due to continued supply constraints, a limited production of AVPTC37C and AVPTC61D air handler models will not have Bluetooth® functionality. This was... Read More

Rotary Compressors Require Hard Start Kit when Paired with Indoor TXV

Goodman/Amana has released Service Bulletin SR-084. From Goodman: All outdoor equipment utilizing a rotary compressor when matched with a TXV equipped indoor coil are REQUIRED to have a hard start kit installed per the Installation Instructions. Shown below are the... Read More

Goodman/Amana Evaporator Coil Service Bulletin

Goodman/Amana has released an important safety notice in the form of Service Bulletin SF-090. In addition to reviewing our summary below, we ask that you read the bulletin in its entirety. It contains detailed information on the issue, resolution, and... Read More

Broad Ocean DM3 Motor Controllers

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SA-032 Rev.1 regarding Broad Ocean DM3 Motor Controllers. From Goodman: Analysis of returned motors has shown that most replacements are the result of failures in the motor controller and not the motor body. As a... Read More

New Safety Label Added To Amana/Goodman Gas Fired Products

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SA–034, giving notice of a new safety label being added to gas fired products. From Goodman: ATTENTION: New safety label added to our gas fired products (see below). Gas-fired appliances (furnaces and package units) use... Read More

New Goodman/Amana Inverter PCB Kit Numbers

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR-083 in reference to new inverter PCB Kit numbers. From Goodman: Update July, 22 2021: Revised Table 1 to correct Tonnage to New PCB Kit (SR-083 Rev. 1) All new Inverter PCB kits provided through... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Air Handlers Locking Out Heat Operation

Goodman has released Technical Services Bulletin SR-082 regarding select ComfortBridge air handlers locking out heat operation. From Goodman: ComfortBridge air handlers listed in the table (right) with a serial number of prefixes 2010 through 2104 may fail to energize electric... Read More

OTA Update for ComfortBridge™ Furnaces when Paired with 20 SEER Inverter AC’s or HP’s

Goodman has released Technical Services Bulletin SR-089 regarding an OTA (Over the Air) update for ComfortBridge™ furnaces when paired with 20 SEER inverter air conditioners or heat pumps. From Goodman: ComfortBridge control platform furnaces will have the new advanced feature... Read More

Amana Inverter Outdoor Units Reporting b0 Error

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR–080 regarding Amana inverter outdoor units reporting a false b0 error code. From Goodman: 20 SEER Inverter outdoor units may report a false b0 error code in cooling mode when paired with ComfortBridge™ indoor equipment.... Read More

AlumaFin7 “A” Cabinet Coil Drain Blocking Flue on 80% “A” Cabinet Furnace

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR – 077 Rev. 1 regarding a clearance issue with the AlumaFin7 "A" width coils when matched with 80% furnaces. From Goodman: The AlumaFin7 “A” width cased and uncased A-Coil have a clearance issue with... Read More

Low Voltage Board Connectors on Communicating Condensing Units

Goodman has released a revision to Service Bulletin SF-036 concerning low voltage board connectors on communicating condensing units. From Goodman: The communicating controls in Goodman’s Furnaces, Split Condensers, Heat Pumps and Air Handlers are shipped with the required Phoenix connectors... Read More

Lochinvar Announced Software Update for Commercial Communication Controls

Lochinvar announced the recent release of a software version update for the CREST, Power-Fin and Armor display communication controls (Smart Touch Display). From Lochinvar: This Smart Touch Display update adds additional functionality, but is not required for the proper operation... Read More

Lochinvar Announces CON•X•US App Updates

Lochinvar announced that the CON•X•US™ smart device app has been updated. Contractors with the CON•X•US app are encouraged to update it to the most current version. From Lochinvar: The new version includes the following updates: Fix system pump setup (system pump... Read More

CoolCloud HVAC™ App Login When Out of Cellular/Wi-Fi Range

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-085 regarding using the CoolCloud HVAC™ app when you are out of cellular/Wi-Fi range. From Goodman: From time to time, technicians may lack the ability to login to the CoolCloud HVAC app preventing direct connectivity... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Furnace Firmware Update for Dual Fuel Applications

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR – 084 regarding ComfortBridge furnaces in dual fuel applications not locking out compressor operation when the outdoor operation is below 0°F. From Goodman: 80% and 90% ComfortBridge furnaces when matched with communicating heat pumps in a... Read More

Defrost Thermostat Relocation for Single Row 7mm Heat Pump Coils

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR – 076 regarding the location of the defrost thermostat on select Amana, Goodman, and GMC heat pumps. From Goodman: In certain applications the defrost thermostat may not be installed in the optimal location for complete... Read More

Honeywell Home Planned System Maintenance – Jan 22 through mid-February

Honeywell announced a planned system maintenance over the weeks of January 22 - mid-February 2019. The system maintenance is an update to software and services. The maintenance will not affect thermostat performance (it will still control climate), but may temporarily... Read More

*MVC80803 Furnaces Not Making High Fire Pressure Switch

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-083 concerning AMVC80803/GMVC80803 not making the high fire pressure switch, causing the furnace to fault into an E9 error code.  (more…) Read More

PSR-01 Collector Box Pressure Switch Relocation Kit Now Available

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-082 announcing the availability of a PSR-01 Collector Box Pressure Switch Relocation Kit, which provides an alternate location to connect the collector box front cover pressure switch on Amana and Goodman furnaces. (more…) Read More

Goodman Releases CoolCloudHVAC™ Technical Guide for Furnaces and Air Handlers with ComfortBridge™ Control Platform

With the introduction of the ComfortBridge™ control platform for furnaces and air handlers, Goodman has released this Technical Support Guide for the CoolCloudHVAC™ app developed for the installer and service technician. This Technical Guide should be used in conjunction with... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Control System Furnace Non-Communicating Setup Using PCB Pushbuttons

Goodman has released updated Service Bulletin SF-078 REV1 containing instructions on setting up a new ComfortBridge™ control system furnace with a non-communicating outdoor unit. (For Goodman's announcement on the ComfortBridge system, click here.) From Goodman: UPDATE July 2019: SF-078 REV1... Read More

Amana/Goodman 80% Furnace Flue Connector Fit-Up Inaccuracy

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-076 concerning the positioning of the flue connector fit-up on an on 80% furnaces produced at the new Daikin Texas Technology Park. Please note: The positioning of the flue fit-up connector does not affect the safety... Read More

Incorrect Speed Selection on Dip Switch Sticker on *MVC96/*CVC96 Furnace

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-075 concerning an error found on the dip switch sticker on select furnaces: Goodman has discovered an error in the blower speed label affixed to the *MVC96 and *CVC*96 furnace product. Under the Speed Selection... Read More

Circuit Breaker Sizing on HKSC10 and Smaller Heat Kits

Goodman released the following bulletin, G-GN-OT-1494, regarding circuit breaker sizing on heat kits: Circuit breakers furnished with the heat kits of 10kw and less are for safety disconnect purposes only and are not supplied to be used for circuit protection.... Read More

Defrost Timer Change on AVZC18/20 SEER Inverter Heat Pump Units

Goodman released Service Bulletin SR-072, regarding a software change on AVZC18 and AVZC20 Inverter Heat Pump units: This bulletin is to inform you of a software change made to the Inverter Heat Pump models listed above. For units with a... Read More

Incorrectly Labeled Transformers – 208/240 Volt Models

Goodman recently released Service Bulletin SA-029, regarding incorrectly labeled transformers affecting models AWUF, ACNF, ARPT, ARUF, ASPT, ASUF, AVPEC, AVPTC, AWUT, DVxx, FXTQ, MBR, MBVC, APC, APD, APG, APH, DCC, DCG, DCH, DPxx, DSC, DSG, DSH, DTC, DTG, DTH, GPC,... Read More

Beckett Technical Advisory Bulletin on Cleancut Pumps

Beckett recently released the following bulletin regarding Cleancut Pumps (A2EA-6527): This bulletin advises that Cleancut pumps A2EA-6527 manufactured during months March, April, and May 2016 might present a tightness issue on Inlet/Return ¼-18 NPTF plugs. In order to identify such pumps, it... Read More

Economizer Installation Wiring for Residential Package Units Guide

Goodman has recently released Service Bulletin SP-038 Rev. 1 regarding economizer installation wiring for residential package units.  The purpose of this bulletin is to provide instructions for the installation of an economizer on “H” and “M” Series residential package units that do... Read More

CTK03 and CTK04A Displaying Improper Outdoor Temperature

Goodman has recently released Service Bulletin SR-066 regarding CTK03 and CTK04A thermostats displaying improper outdoor temperatures. From Goodman: On a limited amount of communicating systems, we have had reports of CTK03 and CTK04A thermostats not displaying the correct outside temperature. The root... Read More

Dip Switch Settings on Inverter 18 & 20 SEER Split Systems

Amana has recently released Service Bulletin SR-064 regarding dip switch settings on Inverter 18 & 20 SEER split systems DZ18VC0**1A*, DZ20VC0**1A, DX20VC0**1A*, AVXC200**1A* and AVZC200**1A* Models. From Amana: Technical Services has received information from the field relative to installed units where... Read More

Lockouts On Modulating Furnaces

Goodman recently released Service Bulletin SF-067 regarding lockouts on 40" modulating furnaces. From Goodman: Nuisance or unexplained lockouts (E0 Lockout Code Displayed on 7-Segment Display) with the 40” modulating furnaces may be due to moisture in the front cover pressure switch tube,... Read More

Oil in Basepans, on Coils, or on Shipping Boxes of Products

Goodman recently released Service Bulletin SA-027. From Goodman: Occasionally we receive reports of oil in the basepan, on the coil or on the shipping box as products are being installed. Due to the variability of manufacturing processes used to produce coil fins... Read More

Economizer Installation Wiring for Residential Package Units

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SP-038 providing instructions for the installation of an economizer on “M” Series residential package units that do not have a factory installed economizer wiring harness. From Goodman: The DP14GM24 – 48 and A/GPG1424 – 48 units... Read More

Beckett AquaSmart Service Options on Select Peerless Boilers

Peerless released Service Bulletin M-15-7 regarding Service Programs related to Fix-on-Fail issues with Beckett AquaSmart Boiler Controls on select Peerless units. Beckett posted a service bulletin in February 2015 identifying manufacturing issues with the 7600P LWCO enabled sensors used in... Read More

Modulating Furnace – Gas Manifold Pressure/Valve Adjustment

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-065 regarding the proper procedure for adjusting the manifold pressure or gas valve on modulating furnaces. From Goodman: In the event of low manifold gas pressure, loss of flame, or low flame signal fault alerts on modulating furnaces, perform... Read More

Laars MightyTherm LoNOx Parts Support Ending

Laars recently issued Service Bulletin 15-2 regarding parts support for the MightyTherm line. Because the MightyTherm LoNOx line has been obsolete for 10 years, some key suppliers of components are no longer making parts for the LoNOx line. Inventory is limited and,... Read More

New 34.5″ Chassis High Efficiency Furnace Venting Table

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SF-064 to provide updated venting tables for the 34.5" furnaces. It is important to note that this service bulletin pertains to furnace venting tables for the models specified in it.  While the bulletin stresses the importance of... Read More

Aluminum Coil Cleaning Best Practices

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SA-026 to address inquiries related to recommended cleaning practice for aluminum evaporator coils. Best cleaning practice is to simply flush the coil with water. Alternately, you can use an approved, non-chlorine cleaner (such as Nu-Calgon - EVAP-Green -... Read More

Replacement of Front Collector Box Cover on Some 92% Goodman Brand Furnaces

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SF-060 regarding incorrect front collector box covers being used on some some AMSS920803BNAA, DM92SS0803BNAA and GMSS920803BNAA model furnaces with serial numbers 1501360901 and prior. From Goodman: (more…) Read More

UPDATE: Sticking TXVs on 2 and 2-1/2 Ton Split System Evaporator Coils and 15 SEER Package Units

Goodman has revised the serial number date range for Service Bulletin SA-023. Update From Goodman: (more…) Read More

Sticking TXVs on 2 and 2-1/2 Ton Split System Evaporator Coils and 15 SEER Package Units

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SA-023 regarding Sticking TXVs on 2 and 2.5 Ton Split System Evaporator Coils & 15 SEER Package Units. (more…) Read More

Modulating Furnace – Service Replacement Control Board PCBKF200SF

Goodman recently issued Service Bulletin SF-048 regarding Modulating Furnace Replacement Control Board PCBKF200SF. From Goodman: We have received reports that when replacing the control board on the modulating furnace, the  necessary data is not consistently being uploaded to the replacement... Read More

E-Coated Air Coils

ClimateMaster has issued technical service bulletin TBJ017 related to all water to air units with E-Coated (black) refrigerant air coils. From ClimateMaster: PRODUCT: All water to air units with E-Coated (black) refrigerant air coils AFFECTED RANGE: All units with E-Coated air coils. ISSUE:... Read More